Challenges define us. We keep challenging ourselves to bring the best out of us

Our passion is to reach our potential in every project we do!

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Unifying creative strategies & development processes to deliver optimum results for your business through digital platforms.

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Meet our team

Working hard to build the best people-oriented digital agency in Sri Lanka

  • Ashan Rajakaruna


    Ashan Rajakaruna


    With vast experience working for multinational companies in the IT sector, Ashan brings his wisdom and diverse skills to steer the company in the right direction.

  • Lasitha Rajakarna

    Founder & CEO

    Lasitha Rajakarna

    Founder & CEO

    My dream of building a digital agency with an amazing and talented team of people came true. Building strong client relationships and using our skills so our clients excel and have the best outcomes is my passion.

  • Suneth Premarathne

    Technical Lead

    Suneth Premarathne

    Technical Lead

    With two decades of experience in building enterprise solutions for fortune 500 companies and medium enterprises, Suneth brings a multitude of experience for our clients to develop exceptional solutions.

  • Tharanga Perera

    Software Engineer

    Tharanga Perera

    Software Engineer

    Tharanga joined us in 2017 and has worked primarily in large-scale applications. His experience in Javascript, PHP, and SQL has yielded many benefits for the company.

  • Bhagya Dissanayake

    Account Manager & QA

    Bhagya Dissanayake

    Account Manager & QA

    Bhagya joined us as an intern in 2015 and has become a valued member of our team as a QA Engineer and liaising with clients under the role as an Account Manager.

  • Kavindra Perera

    Business Analysist

    Kavindra Perera

    Business Analysist

    With over 10 years of experience in working in a large IT company, managing and meeting the expectations of fortune 500 clients, Kavindra’s experience and knowledge has capitulated success in our projects.

  • Prabodha Manamperi

    Software Engineer

    Prabodha Manamperi

    Software Engineer

    Prabodha has grown his way into becoming a lead UI developer. He has an amazing skill of developing pixel-perfect designs into functional websites and applications.

  • Chamaka Attygala

    UI Designer

    Chamaka Attygala

    UI Designer

    Joining as an intern in 2018 Chamaka has grown his way through to become an exceptional designer.

  • Chandimal Kumara


    Chandimal Kumara


    One of the most hard-working person we have seen and the superior skill of learning new things on his own is the standout talent Chandimal has.

  • Treshan Karunaratne

    UI Engineer

    Treshan Karunaratne

    UI Engineer

    Treshan is one of the most enthusiastic developers at Smashy who has a thirst for learning new techniques and upgrading his knowledge.

  • Dilmina Bandara

    Intern UI/UX Designer

    Dilmina Bandara

    Intern UI/UX Designer

    Filled with creativity, Dilmina is an amazing designer who is just starting his journey and has potential considering his set of skills at a such young age.

2100 Sq Ft. of Awesomeness

We are not “just another agency”. We are Smashy Design

  • We are 100% committed to every client and project we do.

  • Trust is not just a word for us. We strive to create authentic and transparent relationships.

  • We love nature and take pride in the small indoor forest that we are nurturing.

  • Have you tried our lunch? If not, drop by at 13:00 to our headquarters.

  • We are open-minded and equipped with a growth mindset.

  • We are a family that values and respects everyone’s voice.

  • We love discovering people who are aligned with our values.

  • We’re proud of honouring our values and that’s why we love what we do.


Three ways of working on your project


    In this way together we can prepare a budget and a timeline that align with the requirement that you are certain about.


    If you are not sure on the scope of work you expect, then this will be ideal way as we will be working on the time and resources.


    Ideal method if you planning to stick for a long term scenario whereas you have the ability to do changes as they come across.

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