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On-demand mobile car wash

About Snappy

Snappy is a mobile app that offers on-demand mobile car wash and vehicle cleaning services in Sri Lanka. It was a fresh new concept to be implemented in Sri Lanka and the users can simply book a time slot on a preferred day along with the particular services they expect to get done and the snappy team would be at your doorstep ready to provide you with all the necessary services so you don’t have to go through any hassle.


Snappy mobile app consists of two main parts. One app for customers and another one for riders. Through the customer app users and select their vehicle type select the services, they require with the wash. Then the preferred date and time slot can be selected based on availability. Rider app consists of features such as assigning customer requests for the available slots, checking schedules, payment receiving feature, and more. Additionally, a web application was created for the admins to details such as prices and other necessary details.

Technology Stack – Two Mobile Apps

JavaScript, Java, C++, Objective-C, Python, React Native (Ignite – React Native boilerplate), Firebase, TypeScript / MobX

Technology Stack – Web App

JavaScript, React, TypeScript, Rust, NextJS, Firebase, Ant Design



Here are some of the snapshots from Snappy Mobile App

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