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Special Needs Dentist in Sydney, Australia

About MBT

Dental care for those with special health needs is often deemed as “too difficult”. Caring for someone with dental anxiety or additional needs requires compassion, patience and a unique skillset.

The team at Mind Body and Teeth is deeply passionate about their patients’ well-being. They have more than a decade of specialised experience in caring for people with special health care needs.

Requirement & Solution

The team at MBT wanted to create a website that shows their clients the scope of work they do. Since the field of Special Needs Dentistry is still relatively new in Australia and often patients and their families are not aware of the treatment that could be available to them the website was created to provide necessary information to those who need the service.

The website is designed as a simple one-page layout and is fully customized using WordPress CMS.


Here are some of the snapshots from Mind Body and Teeth website.

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