Cloud based, Approval System for University of Colombo. The application offers the facility to automate the document approval process of Academic-Industry.

  • 07 Faculties
  • 41 Departments
  • 100+ Users

UOC Approval system is a cloud-based application that automates and digitalize the manual and paper-based document approval process of the Academic Industry

Starting from Document Sharing, Managing approval requests, Inviting authorities to approve/reject a request and Tracking the approval request’s status.

Application solution includes state-mechanism based approval request handling, multi-user based approval request processing, employee records handling, creating and managing approval request types, defining and managing rules on approval limits per request type.


Laravel, React, MySQL HTML, CSS – Tailwind AWS


  • Notifications and Reminders
  • Easy filtering and search
  • Audit trail
  • Live chat feature

Here are some of the snapshots from the UOC Workflow Approval System.

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