Vision Energy Solutions

Designing and building a super-fast website with a Gatsby front-end along with a design that boosts the brand and its values. The entire website's content is customized using WordPress CMS.

  • 1.8 sec Load time
  • 150% Site Speed Increased
  • 30+ Pages & Posts

Vision Energy Solutions is the leading Solar Energy Solution Provider in Fiji

About VES

With their innovative thinking, they always make sure customers’ requirements are met under the severe climate changes in the country.


The main objective of VES to get in touch with was to redesign their existing website. Aesthetically appealing that can boost their brand image to stand out from the competition was the initial discussion point.

Then after the strategy session, it was understood that the site must load fast as can, mainly due to the geographic location and internet speed.


Super Fast Loading Website using Gatsby front-end

Gatsby is a React framework that leverages GraphQL and webpack to combine the data and React code to generate static files for the website. Through this approach, we were able to increase the site performance impressively.

Additionally, the site was fully customized using WordPress CMS which is a great convenience for the client when it comes to keeping the content updated as needed.


Here are some of the snapshots from VES website.

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